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Global News: Salisbury, N.B. Mayor Rob Campbell calls for action on deteriorating roads after washout.

A washout has severely impacted access to Salisbury, N.B., a village roughly 30 km from Moncton. The mayor says the roads have been allowed to fall into disrepair for too long and he’s concerned about how that could impact the village’s economy. Suzanne Lapointe reports.


CBC Lite: 'Iconic' Salisbury market building a writeoff after fire, chief says.

The Green Pig Country Market in Salisbury was popular for its café and bakery, fresh produce, nodding sunflowers and intricate corn maze.
Rob Campbell, mayor of Salisbury, said the market is "part of the fabric of the community."
Speaking to Information Morning Moncton, Campbell called the Green Pig the "economic backbone for the community."


Telegraph-Journal: 'We are going to double in population.' Salisbury Mayor welcomes reforms

Salisbury Mayor Rob Campbell says the village will grow in 2022 and is well-placed to become a tourism gateway to southeastern New Brunswick in the future. Photo: Alan Cochrane/Times & Transcript

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